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Name:Fuck Yeah Gemini Trolls
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Sollux Captor, Mituna, Psiioniic - a fanfic & fanworks community for the Gemini trolls.
"ii could pull 2o much triippy 2hiit out of my 2piinal creviice, iit would make your head 2piin liike dervii2h iin a fuckiing blender."
-Sollux Captor

A workroom for fanworks focused on the Homestuck characters Sollux Captor, Mituna Captor and The Psiioniic (The Helmsman). I put this community here because Tumblr is not the best place to work on fic, hence the emphasis on fan fiction, but art, cosplay, mixes, music and other fanworks are all welcome. So are recs, headcanons and fan theories. So is adult content (consider yourself warned.)

Any work featuring one or more Captors in a central role is welcome. Captorcest is encouraged. Helmsman fic is encouraged. Smut is encouraged. Creative contributors and collaborators are encouraged to join, as is anyone who wants to engage in serious/enthusiastic discussion of these characters!

Interests (35):

ancestorcest, apiculture networking, bee2, bees, beiing ape2hiit banana2 at computer2, captorcest, characters with mental illness, doom, fan fiction, fanfic, gemini trolls, hacking, heir of doom, helmsman, heroes of doom, homestuck, homestuck ancestors, mage of doom, mituna, mituna captor, mr 4ppl3b3rry bl4st, ms paint adventures, mspa, psiioniic, psionic sex, psionics, pulliing triippy 2hiit out of my 2piinal creviice, sollux, sollux captor, the helmsman, the psiioniic, the ψiioniic, twinarmageddons, writing, ψiioniic
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